Face mask V face bandage beauty mask to reduce crow’s feet


Face mask V face bandage beauty mask to reduce crow’s feet

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Slimming cheek mask Anti-wrinkle: smooth breathable, skin-friendly, durability
Easy to use: wear it for 30 to 40 minutes when you sleep, watch TV and clean up, and
Physical facelift to improve a double chin, prevent sagging cheeks, insist on the use of more than three months is more effective
Highly elastic material stretching and positioning worn on the face with a more angular face, allowing easy lifting, the double effect of preventing sagging and firming the facial muscles
The most advanced high-tech material commonly used for skin divers to protect the skin, warm and maintain skin temperature with minimal skin irritation. The use of skin-friendly materials. Simple, easy to use. Durability is excellent.
How to use:
* Wash your clean face.
* Masks must be worn for 30 to 50 minutes. (Sweat until they are worn).
* Wash your skin again. (Put some skin tonic or lotion for better use).
* Thin face mask slimming dressing / face v shaper face slimming dressing relaxation

Package Included: 1 x Thin Face Mask

Weight100.0 kg
Dimensions180 × 25 × 120 cm